Online recording and production studio in Bordeaux, for your ADR projects

Shaman Studio is a recording studio situated on Bordeaux, France.
The team welcome you whenever your projects and budget.
Our studio has professional musical instruments, softwares and equipments for providing the best recording possible!

Do you need a post synchronization/ ADR studio located in Bordeaux, Aquitaine in a short notice?

Our sound engineers and musicians record and produce your project according to your needs and budget.
Attend the online session and interact with our teams as if you were in the studio! Book your recording session now!


Recording studio in Bordeaux for ADR             studio post-synchro bordeaux

Who can book a session ?

For all your dubbing sessions (tv series, animations, cartoons, short and feature films). 
At Shaman Studio, we give the opportunity to make your ADR project work wherever you are, through Session Link or Source Connect.
The most important element for us when recording, mixing and mastering your project is to give you the best result.
All you need is to provide your videos, your script,  your micros references and the final export file format.



Professional equipment for your recording

The recording studio is fully equipped with computers, hardwares, micros, and backline. The production equipment includes: 

  • Neumann u87 et TLM 127 vintage
  • Audio Technica 4050
  • AVID HDX System and AVID Pro Tool
  • Vocal booth with TV
  • Arturia Keyboards and fully equiped Imac for beatmaking and sound design
  • LANDR, Source Nexus, Session Link or Source Connect Pro

How to book an ADR recording session at Shaman Studio?


  • Contact us by email or by phone by defining your project, deadline and budget
  • Book and schedule your session 
  • Send us your files in advance
  • Let’s record together