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Online ADR recording studio

Online recording and production studio

Shaman Studio is an ADR recording studio in Bordeaux, France, founded by Leroy Chambers, an American composer and sound engineer.
The studio is ideally located downtown Bordeaux, close to the train station.

Our studio has professional mics, musical instruments, softwares and equipments
to provide the best recordings.

We are available for ADR/ISDN projects via Source Nexus or Landr.
Our sound engineers can record and produce your project on remote, according to your needs and budget.
Attend the online session and interact with our team as if you were in the studio!

Who can book a session at ADR studio recording?

For voice over/dubbing sessions (TV Shows, documentaries, animations, short and feature films) our large voice cabin provides you with a reliable and confortable system, with TV and sound feedback. The voice over studio one of the best in Bordeaux!

We are fully equipped with a fast internet connexion, TV screen, Avid Pro Tools Ultimate, Neumann U87, Audio-Technica 897, Sennheiser 100 G4 microphones, and many more.

Your voice talent/musician is in our Region and you have a deadline on your projet?
Then contact us and
finish your vocal or musical recording wherever you are in the world.

The most important element for us when recording, mixing and mastering your project is to give you the best result.
All you need is to provide your videos, your script, your micros references and the final export file format before the session.
Feel free to contact ADR recording studio for additional information.

Our ADR references

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